Life can only be understood by going back

at it's source first. This source is forever

sweet and endless. This is achieved by

a Sadhanà full of joy, light,

always in the state of Ahimsa

The goal of all life is to have a heart

full of love, and then to live

in altruism, freedom, and joy.

The best book we can to

read every day is our own heart,

to thrill truths and experience

practical in order to serve beings

in universal love and vision.

True love si impersonal

It's the Love of truth

who dwells in the heart

of all beings and all things...

The ego is only a shadow,

an obsession and illusion.

All is one. It's you.

Découvrez Rome

La ville antique par excellence


Didier Dozias

Yoga teacher

By teaching yoga, I try to foster the right and pure placement inside the body, to help people free themselves from ignorance and the ego, which are the causes of most sufferings.

I try to allow them to find in themselvet srighteousness and truth, and to be in harmony with the Universal Space.I don’t teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Hatha only, but a postural Yoga thata.

I adapt to each person’s needs. I try to help people open a path to a new way of breathing, an amplified breathing that brings them to the infinite space of the Universe.It is a matter of initiating movement inside our selves, accepting the Prana's presence and preventing the mind from disturbing our actions.

With every exhalation, the accumulated and peaceful breath within the body can spread out around us, linkinge very being to the whole Universe.


Yoga Retreats

Yoga Classes

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Only celestial greatness and the power of heaven can resonate in my soul


L'Élément des Arts, the association

Membership and donations to the association

The association « l’Élément des Arts » (Element of the Arts), established over 15 years ago, seeks to promote the profound and spiritual meaning of art. One of its main goals is to teach Yoga in places where people wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to discover this wonderful practice. 


Testimonials on Yoga courses and retreats


"His lessons involve the whole body and give you a new energy. Didier is a lovely teacher, caring and generous, moved by the desire to teach and to share communicatively. The work on the body and the mastering of the breath bring a liberating, sometimes unexpected, well-being. 

Postures teach you better positions in daily life, when we usually spend so much time sitting in public transport or at the office.

We feel taller, elongated, relaxed, balanced, grounded. The breath is more fluid, and it is easier to find the calm in ourselves by recalling the states we felt during practice (especially thanks to meditation, learned notably during workshops).

All the benefits from the physical work surprisingly reappear in the mental sphere: flexibility (natural or improved) and openness of the body = flexibility and openness of the mind.

There is a real energy in Didier’s classes, the work leads us to be kinder towards ourselves and therefore, kinder towards others...”


"At first, Didier’s yoga classes brought me a better focus, more flexibility and muscular stamina. These things I need for my job as a dancer. With practice I started to feel a connection between movement and breath, the depth of the breath creating space inside the body and inside the posture.

The discovery of the breath was very important in my personal and artistic life. I also like the aspects of vibration, the resonance of singing, found in Didier’s Yoga. The vibration becomes a smooth and soft massage bringing joy. This yoga relaxes me, makes me available and at peace.”


"Practicing Yoga with Didier allows all the cells of the body to open to the happiness produced by harmony between the matter and the mind.

It is a work that demands coordination between postures and breathing as the main source of energy, which spreads through the breath to subtle bodies.

The result is a sensation of well-being that extends indefinitely thanks to regular practice. The experience positively transformed my existence.”

Ana maria


"Didier teaches Yoga in a joyful and generous atmosphere. Every class helps me to retune my mind and body. It is a way to relieve mental and physical pains. His teaching helps us to create space within ourselves, and through this space to ease tensions and to allow light and serenity to enter in.

A Jewish proverb says that we have to give our children roots and wings. Yoga makes me feel grounded and gives me wings, at peace with myself and the world.”


"I started Yoga with Bikram. I needed an activity involving strength, flexibility and discipline. I had an image of traditional Yoga as too soft and too easy an activity for me! Then I found Didier’s classes through a friend. All the clichés I had were swiped away with the first lesson I took.

His classes are dynamic, and they yet work on both the body and the mind. Didier emphasizes a lot on breathing because it allows us to go deeper into each posture, but also to leave with a light and open mind.

During the practice, Didier brings the perfect balance: he helps his students to improve, but still respects their limits. In short I became addicted to his classes, I stopped Bikram and now I go to his classes 3 times a week, they became essential for my balance. I recommend him to everybody !”


"The words that come to mind when I think about Didier’s Yoga classes are freedom, audacity, respect of others, training, benevolence, pushing the limits…

Didier helps everyone to improve who they are, with a lot of respect, love and caring.Didier has a grain of "fantasy” that a lot of teachers don’t have.Didier leaves people free and autonomous during his classes.

He is someone who floods and shines with kindness and light.”



Where to find me ?

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We harvest what we sow.

And the benefits of life are harvested only by sowing peace and love, without any beating heart being hurt.

There is only one form of Love, it is non-violence



L’Element des arts
42 avenue Parmentier
75011 PARIS



Thanks to Laetitia Duarte, Anne Sophie Granjon et Yves Nadal for the photos. 

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