The Hatha Yoga

A dynamic practice that suits everyone.

Hatha Yoga still is a dynamic practice, but it is not an athletic practice as Ashtanga or Vinyasa. It is suited for everyone from 7 to 127 years old. It is a good way of getting mobility back, even after a difficult and painful injury. People looking for a well-being activity often choose Hatha Yoga.*

Hatha yoga means "union of the sun and the moon, of physical and mental energies”. It implies learning how to harmonize these dual energies. These energies regulate not only the physical body’s activities and its organs, but also the activities, states and reactions of the mind.

A Hatha Yoga class has the same steps and benefits as an Ashtanga or a Vinyasa class (postural work, breathing, purification, letting go of physical/emotional blocks, soothing the mind, learning the basics of meditation with Pranayama, relaxation…) However, here postures are held longer in order to focus more on the movements of the breath in the body and to link together the energy channels, or "Nadis” (it is said there are 72000 of them, including the 7 chakras along the spine).Practiced this way, Hatha Yoga leads to the awakening of Kundalini, the primordial energy found in every human being and moving inside Shushumna, the main channel located along the spine.

This channel’s basis is found around the coccyx in the perinea, and goes up to the top of the head (fontanelle). The Hatha technique allows the ascending and descending streams flowing through the main energy channels (left channel: ida, right channel: pingala) to combine.

Hatha Yoga is one form of Kryia, which refers to action, process or movement, especially when internal Prana and concentration bloom.


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