Dynamic yoga classes

Postural, muscular work and consciousness awakening through breathing

Rediscover the taste of what’s most important, the fraternity of the senses, to grasp what’s most important in the body. Experience this pure sharing: being in the union of Yoga, the union of mind and body.

10 classes in 4 different locations: Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha.



Collective classes - 7 students

1 class fee : 25 euros

8 class fee :  -  160 euros for an 8 class card

                           -  130 euros for students – valid 9 months

The fee is the same in these two locations

Solidarity Yoga Course

Fee :  -  5 euros the course or free participation. 

Classes at the "Petite Roquette".

Private Yoga lessons

Fee :  -  100 euros per class up to 4 students


Course schedule




10h00 - 11h45
Ashtanga or Vinyasa
Atelier du chaudron


19h30 - 21h00
Ashtanga or Vinyasa
Abri Midi (Max 7 students)



10h00 - 11h45
Ashtanga or Vinyasa
Abri Midi


17H00 - 18H45
Hatha Yoga
Petite Roquette


19h00 - 20h30
Abri Midi (Max 7 student)






11h00 - 12h00
Ashtanga or Vinyasa
Atelier du Chaudron




  • L'Abri Midi (Petite salle- Maximum 7 élèves) 42, av. Parmentier 75011 Paris (relaxation avec bols Tibétains ou Cristal)
  • Atelier du Chaudron 31 passage Ménilmontant 75011 Paris - Métro St Maur, Ménilmontant ou Père Lachaise.
  • La petite Roquette 125 rue du chemin vert 75011 Paris 

Yoga Union Esprit Corps

Apaisez et rendez votre corps solide.

Yoga is physical work that aims to calm and fortify the body by opening our heart to give it force and to direct ourselves towards true, full consciousness. 

It’s a matter of learning to reconnect ourselves to the origin of life: breath. Through breath, the Prana takes hold in all bodily tissues. Through voice and the mantras that pass through the breath, we sow peace in space, a peace that also resonates in our discerning bodies. It is through the postures that this breath takes hold in our deep tissues.

The principle of the Asana (the postures) is to allow us to face ourselves and to establish a stable and calm mental peace. The Asana relieve the body, making it lighter and purifying it by giving it space, thanks to conscious breathing techniques. This breath, in turn, teaches us to let go. Each posture is like an event in our lives: we must learn to give our most beautiful energy in order to build confidence and to develop the force and endurance necessary to better face everyday life.


Practicing Yoga is an excellent means to revitalize our cells by allowing the Prana to circulate in the main canals (Ida and Pingala) that run down the spine, so that their center (Sushumna) might be awakened from its base and connect with the six other centers (or chakras): this is called kundalini. The 7th chakra is located outside of us, around the Fontanel. There are more than 72,000 energy canals (nadis) in the human body. Each posture has a strong impact on these canals in which life (the Prana) circulates.  

Yoga is One. It’s a philosophy of life that maintains that every individual can learn to find freedom in non-violence. To do so, we must let got of fear and doubt through the practice of different postures, which allow the body to find universal origin in itself. Through practice, we must learn to not let our immeasurable egos of inferior beings be born, but, on the contrary, to allow benevolence, compassion, peace, and great humility to grow. There is no difference between others and us. We are all equal. Egocentrism alone creates chaos in and around us. 

Conducted in an atmosphere of joy and kindness, classes and special trainings act as veritable doorways to a daily yoga practice (la sâdhanâ), which in turn allows us to find mental peace and to open individual consciousness up to a superior spiritual consciousness. After having circulated energy throughout the body, singing the mantras helps us to find peace and to establish a mental state favorable to meditation (depending on the training, we might also practice Nidra yoga, which leads towards a state of deep relaxation).


With time, patience, courage, interior peace, and full humility, we are always able to feel joy and happiness resonate inside our bodies and in our acts, so long as they are guided by Ahimsa (non-violence) and by Love.

That we always remember, thanks to Yoga and the Ayurveda, to live in compassion so that Love can spread, through the breath, in our thoughts and in our acts.

During the training, our work will thus focus on dynamics, postural and muscular work, the Pranayama (discipline of the breath), the Mantras (accompanied by Tibetan bells), and consciousness of the body through breathing and movement, all the way up to meditation.  



L’Element des arts
42 avenue Parmentier
75011 PARIS



Thanks to Laetitia Duarte, Anne Sophie Granjon et Yves Nadal for the photos. 

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